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Head of Clinic・Doctorate Physician

Dr. Chigira Maho

Medical Degrees in Specialized Field

 - Japanese Society of Internal Medicine

- Fellow of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine

- Japanese Society of Nephrology

Other Medical Degrees

- Occupational physician

- Medical Proffessor



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About Aoba Clinic


Clinic Name:Aoba Clinic

Clinic Address:Higashiyama 1-Chome 1-1 2F Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Contact Number:03-3711-7785


Staff Count:15

Since the establishment of Aoba clinic, we have provided quick and pinpoint diagnoses beyond our specialized fields of dermatology and pediatrics. In addition to treating our patients, we offer vaccinations, infant support, and file medical checkups/records in Japanese and English*. On the occasion that our physician recommends further check-up/examinations during diagnosis, we will serve as a liaison between our patients and other hospitals through our extensive networks, selecting the most suitable hospital based on their needs.


Internal Medicine

At Aoba Clinic, our internal medicine practitioner, diagnoses and consults a wide range of patients with respiratory, digestive, lifestyle-related diseases while also providing one-on-one, customized dietary guidance and counseling patients with any health concerns. We strive to serve as patient's first point-of- contact diagnosing and connecting them with health specialists from other clinics when necessary. For those in need of a letter of reference to a bigger hospital, please inform the physician. We will provide patients with the letter of reference within that day. 



Aoba Clinic provides infant/youth vaccinations and medical check-ups. In addition, we treat and support patients with asthmas, allergies, growth disorders, endocrinology, metabolism and chronic kidney diseases. If you have any questions or concerns with your child’s health condition, please feel free to consult with one of our trained physicians. 


At Aoba Clinic, we specialize on the following dermatology treatments:

Acne Care・Mole Examination・Facial Spots・Eczema・Rashes・Dermatitis・AtopicDermatitis・ Sunburns・Water Warts・Shingles・Bedsores・Laser Treatment

Anti-Aging Treatments (Uncovered by Insurance)

Here at Aoba Clinic, we offer the following anti-aging treatments:


Vitamin C Shot・Placenta・Laser Treatments・Skin Whitening・Skin Peeling Exfoliation・Epilation・AGA Prescriptions 

Medical Examinations Offered

  • Vaccinations

  • Medical examination issued by Meguro-ward

  • Medical examinations issued by the nation 

  • Medical examinations issued by social insurance 

  • Infant Medical Check-ups for residents living in the Tokyo Prefecture. Specifically applies for:

    • 6~7 month-old medical check-ups

    • 9~10 month-old medical check-ups

  • Infant Medical Check-ups for residents living in the Meguro-Ward. Specifically applies for: :

    • 18 months old medical check-ups

    • 5 years old medical check-ups

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