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1. Reserving a Treatment

Patients can reserve epilation treatments through our reservation site or by calling the clinic. Patients may also reserve treatments at the clinic.

Prior to the treatment, please read the treatment description provided by our staff or below in this page. All treatments must be reserved in advance. 

※ The day before treatment we ask patients to lightly shave their epilation location. Since long-hair can incite mild degree burns when applying laser, the dermatologist may cancel performing the treatment.(We do not offer shaving service at the clinic)

2. Selecting a laser output

Dermatologists, upon casually examining the patient's hair condition, (thickness, load, area) will select a suitable laser output.

3. Laser exposure

For underarm hair-removal, the exposure of laser is approximately 5 minutes for both arms. During treatment, we simultaneously apply CO2 gas for balancing the heat of the laser and to keep the skin irritation to a minimum. 

4. After-care

After the laser exposure, the dermatologist will apply anti-inflammatory ointment to the exposed location, marking the end of the treatment. The mild skin irritations will fade away few hours after treatment.

Medical fee

First Medical Fee

¥ 3,000

Returning Medical Fee

¥ 1,000


The 4 Procedures of Epilation Treatments 

Treatment Fee

¥ 7,000

¥ 15,000

¥ 20,000

¥ 20,000

¥ 20,000

¥ 6,000

¥ 10,000

¥ 25,000

¥ 8,000

¥ 12,000

¥ 15,000

¥ 5,000

¥ 9,000

Epilation Location

First Treatment


6+ Treatment


Below Armpit

¥ 5,000


¥ 12,000

Forearm (Elbow to Fingers)

Above Elbow(Thick Hair Only)

Knees and Below

¥ 16,000

¥ 16,000

Mouth (Women)

Mouth (Men)

¥ 4,000

¥ 10,000

¥ 13,000

¥ 13,000



How many times should I get treated?

It takes an average of five or six treatments to permanently remove armpit hair through using our laser machine. Occasionally, few hair strands may grow after treatment.

How frequent should I get treated?

To maximize the results of the treatments, we recommend patients to receive treatments every two months. For armpit hair, strands of hair begin to reappear in three to four weeks after the first treatment. We recommend patients to get treated a few weeks after hair becomes visible again. 

Are there side effects?

During the laser treatment, patients may experience pain  similar to getting flicked by a rubber-band. Some patients may also experience mild burns. Although redness, tingling and swellings of skin may occur immediately after treatment, the dermatologist will apply anti-inflammatory ointment. which will cease the mild pain in a few hours. Very rarely, black pigmentations will appear temporarily after the laser treatment.

What shouldn't I do before/after treatment?

Since our laser machines react strongly to melanin pigments, a pigment versatile to solar radiation, patients with extremely tanned skin cannot receive their desired treatment. We ask patients to refrain from exposing their skin to the sun for long durations few weeks before the treatment.

After receiving the laser treatment, we ask patients to refrain from getting tanned for about a month, to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

How should I shave/treat unwanted hair before/after treatment?

 Before the laser treatment, patients can shave as usual. To maximize the effects of the hair-removal laser treatment, we ask patients to stop plucking hair out a month before the designated treatment date. 

 After receiving treatment, the treated hair may temporarily appear as if it is growing. However this event does not indicate the emergence of any new hair strands but rather that the hair is getting pushing out as a result of hair follicles shrinking, inhibiting any  hair growth. If patients do not feel any physical pain when plucking out the treated hairs, it is an indicator that the hair will naturally fall out.

Are there any hairs that cannot be removed?

Since our laser machine reacts to melanin pigments, grey/white hairs cannot be removed. Also, lanugo hair with low pigment levels tends to result in limited hair extraction results . 

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