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Facial Laser Treatment​

What is Facial Laser Treatment?

Facial laser treatment is a treatment which applies weak laser to patients skin tightening pores and producing younger looking skin by stimulating their collagen. Furthermore, since the low-intensity laser absorbs melatonin, the root cause of facial spots, patients can expect the lightening and removal of facial spots. 

・The laser treatment takes approximately 10 minutes.

・There is no need for anesthesia.

・Patients may apply make-up right after the treatment. 

Q & A

How many times should I get treated?

Patients typically do not visually notice any change after the first treatment. We strongly recommend people to receive treatments at least two or three times. Based upon personal skin conditions, patients will begin to notice the shrinking of facial spots. To enhance the effects of the treatment, physicians may recommend patients to receive additional shots. 

   Please note that spot-removal treatments do not work permanently. Since the effects fade away overtime, we recommend patients to receive maintenance treatments periodically to withhold and prolong the effects.

Are there any side effects?

During the laser treatment, patients will experience pain similar to getting flicked by a rubber-band. Some may also experience mild burns. Although patients may experience tingling, redness, and swellings of the skin immediately after treatment, the dermatologist will apply anti-inflammatory ointment which will cease the mild pain in a few hours.

Few days after receiving the treatments, facial spots and scars may begin to peel off. Patients may apply make-up and wash to their faces ordinarily after treatment.

How frequently should I receive treatments?

We recommend getting one laser treatment once a month. 

What should I do on the day of the treatment?


Medical Fee

First visit

¥ 3,000


¥ 1,000

Treatment Fee

1Facial Unit*

¥ 4,000

Whole Face

¥ 10,000



Please refrain from applying make-up on areas where you intend to recieve treatments.

Is there anything I should be avoid/be  before and after the treatment?

Since our laser machines react strongly to melanin pigments, a pigment versatile to solar radiation, patients with extremely sun-burnt skin may not receive this treatment. Furthermore, after receiving the treatment, skins with extreme exposure to the sun can result to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Thus we ask patients to avoid getting tanned one month before and after the therapeutics. If our dermatologist notices any sign of the face with extreme exposure to the sun on the day of treatment, we may reject patients from undergoing the therapeutic. 

How should I treat my acne before and after the treatment?

Before the facial treatment, patients can handle their acne care ordinarily. However we request patients to avoid using tretinoin ointment or exfoliating-soap products few days prior to treatment.

After receiving the treatment, acne conditions may temporarily aggravate due to the minor swellings on surfaces treated with laser, causing hair follicles to close up. It will take approximately less than three days for acne conditions to return normalcy.

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