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Since the establishment of Aoba clinic, we have provided quick and pinpoint diagnoses beyond our specialized fields of internal medicine, dermatology and pediatrics. In addition to treating our patients, we offer vaccinations, infant support, and file medical checkups/records in Japanese and English. On the occasion that our physician recommends further check-ups/examinations during your diagnosis, we will serve as a liaison between you and other hospitals, through our extensive networks, selecting the most suitable medical facility based upon your needs.

From July 6th (Tuesday) 2021, Aoba Clinic have been administering patients with the COVID-19 vaccines.


For those who wish to receive the vaccine please contact our clinic through the following number:


We do not accept reservations at the front desk to avoid unnecessary congregations at the clinic in consideration for others' safety.


<Notice・Accepted Reservation Time Frame >

※To avoid any disruption for regular examinations, the clinic has instated a designated time frame for patients to reserve the COVID vaccine.

Tuesday ~ Friday:15:00 ~16:00(Excludes Wednesday, Sunday and Japanese holidays)

Monday・Saturday: Not Accepting Any Reservations

※Patients can reserve the vaccines for only the current week and the following week.

※ The first and second dose must be inoculated at the same location, three weeks apart from each dose. Reservations will be automatically made for the second dose exactly three weeks from the first dose.(The Clinic will be using the Pfizer Vaccine)


Vaccination Dates: Every Tuesday・Friday・Saturday

Vaccination Time: Please Contact the Clinic

※ If you are not at the clinic in the designated time frame, we may have to postpone or cancel your vaccination.

※ Events/Details may be subject to change

Cancelations・Switiching Dates are highly discouraged.

If you are not feeling well close to the vaccination date, however, we will accept switching your vaccination date. Please contact the clinic as soon as possible.

※Depending on your conditions, our physician may decide to postpone your vaccination till further notice.

To receive the COVID-19 Vaccine, you must have the vaccine coupon issued by the Japanese government. The COVID vaccine coupons are sent from the ward you currently live in.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the vaccines, please contact the Meguro-ku Ward Office. Website link here : 目黒区公式ホームページ (

Change in Operating Hours



​水曜・日曜・祝日 → 木曜・日曜・祝日




Aoba Clinic's Response to COVID-19

Our Commitment

Screen Shot 0033-05-11 at 19.47.58.png

Mask Wearing

Screen Shot 0033-05-11 at 19.48.06.png

Temperature Check

Screen Shot 0033-05-11 at 19.48.15.png

Alcohol Sanitation

In compliance with the government's initiatives to mitigate the spread of COVID-19,

patients with body temperatures over 37.5℃ or with symptoms of COVID-19 are required to make a reservation to ensure the safety of others. 

While our phone lines may be congested due to high volumes of requests, please make a reservation by phone, so our staff can make special accommodations prior to your arrival. 

Furthermore, please contact the clinic for those concerned about other symptoms or requests for special examination. 

We apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may provide. Again, we thank you for your understanding. 

※ At Aoba Clinic, patients with any potential symptoms/exposures to Covid-19 will be surcharged a 'Covid-19 triage' for the special accommodations made.

We ask that only one person accompanies a Covid "suspicious" patient. In addition, we ask that both will follow the clinic's Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

Please wear a mask at all times in the examination room unless stated otherwise by the physician.

Operational Hours

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Internal Medicine




Aoba Clinic

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